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Heater Maintenance 101

Last updated 6 years ago

Simple service checks can help your household eliminate greater expenses. These repair tips can help your home heaters perform at their best all year long:

  • Keep It Clean: Keeping your water heater clear of debris and build up is an important step in maximizing performance. Over time, sediment and corrosion begin to collect near the bottom of your heater. This build up will absorb heat from the tank, increasing the burden on your water heater and reducing energy efficiency. Electric heaters contain anodes that prevent hot acidic water from causing damage to appliance interiors. Replacing these anodes early is a simple way to keep the wall of your heater clean and eliminate greater maintenance costs.
  • Adjust Water Temperature: An effortless way to improve the function of your water heater is to lower its base temperature. When water is heated above 120 degrees, the acidity within the water becomes too high for the internal anodes to dilute, forcing you to replace anodes more often. When the water temperature is too high, family members will often compensate with cold water. Lowering the base temperature of your home water can eliminate this extremely wasteful water practice. Check the side panel of your water heater to locate the temperature control. Refer to your owner’s manual for further instruction on safe temperature adjustment.
  • Perform Annual Flushing: The easiest way to keep your water heater clear of debris is by flushing the tank each year. Having your tank flushed is a great way to stop growing sediment from compromising heater performance. Annual flushing also provides a convenient opportunity to inspect the water lines connected to the heater for cracks and leaks. This preventative maintenance is a simple way to reduce upkeep costs around the home.

When regular maintenance fails and water heater issues grow dire, count on Rebel Refrigeration. Our trained technicians are specialists in furnace, water heater, and boiler repair. Homeowners in the Las Vegas community can count on our prompt professionalism. Call (702) 734-7750 to learn more.


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