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A Guide to Carbon Monoxide Risks and Prevention

Last updated 6 years ago

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless poison gas that presents a danger to homeowners. Fortunately, with the right preventative measures, your heating season can be a safe and comfortable one. Read on to learn about carbon monoxide risks and prevention:


Homes with combustion heating systems, like a natural gas or oil furnace, water heaters, and boilers are at risk from carbon monoxide exposure. Any time incomplete combustion occurs, carbon monoxide is produced as a byproduct. Natural gas has an added odorant to alert homeowners of its presence in case of a leak, but carbon monoxide is odorless and formed at the moment of this incomplete combustion.

Incomplete combustion occurs when a burner or pilot light in a heating system malfunctions, partially igniting the fuel and producing carbon monoxide. This gas can build throughout a home without the knowledge of its inhabitants. The primary symptoms caused by carbon monoxide poisoning are fatigue and headaches. Carbon monoxide poisoning is fatal if left untreated.


Knowing your heating system thoroughly will keep you aware of when something is wrong. Have your system inspected before the heating season begins to ensure all systems are working properly.

You should also periodically check your burners or pilot lights to ensure an even blue flame. Partially ignited burners should be immediately switched off—ask your HVAC contractor where the emergency shutoff is for your home.

Additionally, speak to a heating professional about installing carbon monoxide detectors. At the first sign of carbon monoxide exposure, open all your windows, exit your home, and call emergency services right away.

To learn more about preventing carbon monoxide exposure in your home, contact Rebel Refrigeration in Las Vegas at (702) 734-7750. We offer free carbon monoxide testing and can inspect your existing heating system for possible dangers. We also offer the latest technology and quality brands of new and safe heating for your home.


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