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How Older Air Conditioning Units Lose Their Efficiency over Time

Last updated 6 years ago

With summer having arrived, chances are you are using your air conditioning unit to stay cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, old air conditioning units can lose their efficiency over time. This means you end up working your unit harder for small returns. Not only will your unit have a harder time cooling your home, but it will also cost you more in energy bills every month. Here are a few common reasons old A/C units lose efficiency:

Inadequate Maintenance

The most common reason why older air conditioning units lose their efficiency over time is simply that they are not maintained properly. When you fail to maintain your unit through filter replacement, duct cleaning, and regular inspections, components like the coils can lose their efficiency. In particularly serious cases, the fans or compressor can fail altogether. Inadequate maintenance also damages your A/C unit since poorly maintained units generally have to work harder in order to regulate your home’s temperature. For example, air conditioning ducts that are filled with dirt and debris generally have lower airflow, which means your A/C unit has to work harder to produce the desired effect.

Electric Control Failure

Many of the components in your air conditioning unit require electric controls in order to trigger their operation. Whenever you turn on your A/C unit, these electric controls are also activated. Over time, however, the electric controls wear out. Your air conditioning unit will be particularly susceptible to this problem if you toggle your A/C frequently. When the controls falter, your air conditioning unit’s fan and compressor can fail prematurely.

Technological Advancement

While this is not necessarily a problem with your air conditioning unit, the fact of the matter is that older units simply become obsolete over time. Even if your older air conditioning unit is in good repair, chances are that a newer unit will be significantly more efficient.

Don’t let a faulty A/C unit ruin your summer. Whether you need maintenance or a new unit altogether, a functioning air conditioner can keep you cool and save you money. In the Las Vegas area, call Rebel Refrigeration at (702) 734-7750 to schedule A/C maintenance or repair today!


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