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Air Conditioning History Dates Back Centuries

Last updated 7 years ago

Did you know the idea for air conditioning actually happened in the 1800’s? Air Conditioning has been looked at for years, with people trying to create and improve the way we cool down a room. The first idea for air conditioning was in the 1830’s by a man named Dr. John Gorrie. Dr. Gorrie wanted a way to cool rooms while treating patients with yellow fever and malaria. He invented a machine that helped blow air over a bucket of ice, creating a cooling effect.

The next great step towards air conditioning was in 1881 when President James Garfield was dying. Soldiers wanted to keep the room cooler, so they used a “box-like structure” that was filled with cloths that were soaked in melted ice water. A fan blew hot hair onto the ice to melt the ice. What makes this invention so interesting is that the contraption used so much ice, it melted half a million pounds of ice in less than two months!

Then in the 1920’s a man named Willis Carrier invented an air conditioner. He remodeled the idea a few times and in 1925 sold the first model to movie projector operators to keep them and the film cooler. From Carrier’s invention, air conditioning took off like a rocket ship. Units were placed all over the country in buildings, trains, stores. Today we have a variety of air conditioners heaters and more to keep us comfortable.

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